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They say that there are things that mortal creatures were never meant to know, or explore. Despite this principle, many mortals attempt to unlock and control powers and creatures that are beyond their control, ironically becoming puppets themselves as they try to become the puppet master.

Typically these unwilling puppets are not the only ones who will feel reprecussions from these actions, as often times friends, allies, goals and ambitions, and even entire cities feel the dark edge of these creatures and powers. They become puppets just as the would-be puppet master does. Everything and everyone can and usually will fall victim to these dark machinations.

Even those who would stand against such things. Welcome to the world of Haunted Suite.

Haunted Suite is a multi-part serial for Dream Parallax, written by Niko Linni. The story is seen in part as a homage to Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s and Toby Fox’s UnderTale, taking elements and inspiration from both franchies – and even other media – and blending them together to create something unique. Haunted Suite is a science-fiction/fantasy story featuring a cast of mainly anthropomorphic animals, and the series as a whole would have roughly a PG-13 rating. The author is well aware of the fact that many writers of anthropomorphic fiction go for more explicit ratings that explore more sexual things. Unfortunately, this story does not fit that calibur.

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